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Dirac on photon polarization

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    Is this statement correct: ?

    "The effect of making this observation is to force the photon entirely into the state of parallel or entirely into the state of perpendicular polarization." *

    I don't see how you can talk about how the polarization of a photon changes if the photon gets absorbed (as is the case here if it does not get through with a perpendicular polarization).

    * The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, 4th edition, pg 7
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    You're right--measuring the polarization of a photon is a destructive measurement--after the measurement, the photon is gone. However, Dirac's statement is still relevant in a case such as EPR where the polarizations of two different photons are correlated. In that case, measuring one photon's polarization tells you something definite about the other photon's polarization.
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    It's not perfect, for the reason that you've pointed out... But that's a chronic problem with English-language descriptions of physical processes that are more precisely described in more mathematical terms. Treat this statement as a way of getting some intuition about what the mathematical formalism is saying and it'll work just fine.
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