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Direct estimation of leakage flux at a synchronous generator using a finite-element

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    We simulated a 200MVA synchronous -salient pole- generator, using the 2D finite-element simulation program OPERA (by Vector Fields).

    We are trying to determine some parameters of the generator such as transient, subtransient and synchronous reactances as well as time constants by applying a three phase short-circuit at the armature winding.In addition, we would like to estimate by test (if it's possible of cource) the flux leakage distribution in the machine.

    Any idea about how to procced the test in order to estimate the flux leakage ?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Direct estimation of leakage flux at a synchronous generator using a finite-eleme

    This is not an easy task, you are in for a lot of study and thinking.

    The foundation you need is IEEE Standard 115, "IEEE Guide: Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines," particularly: Part II-Test Procedures and Parameter Determination for Dynamic Analysis

    This will get you to the leakge reactances, from which you can deduce the associated inductance and flux.

    I hope this helps.
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