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Programs Direct route phd in europe

  1. Jun 23, 2012 #1
    Is there any universities in europe offering direct route phds?
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    I have no idea what "direct route" means. Do you mean without a masters?
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    It's not the best idea to go direct route to PhD because you may be stuck to a project you cant stand.
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    Oh, then most of them. All you need is an undergrad degree with an honours thesis, usually at least 2:1. A couple insist on 4 years of study before applying, but most are fine with 3.
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    I am currently admitted in ntu singapore with provides a 4yrs physics course and I wish to cut down the number of postgrad yrs to reduce the financial strain to my family while at the same time pursuit my dreams
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    If I am not wrong top class uni like cambridge requires a masters.. I mean the criteria to take their masters is a first class hons
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    in the UK you can get into a 3.5 year PhD course with that degree.

    Cambridge and Imperial need 4 years, Oxford, Manchester, UCL, etc only need a 3 year degree
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