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Direct tv signal problem?

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    Was using dish network for 5 years with clear 84 inch dia. tv picture.Changed to direct tv and clarity is gone, seems to have small digital specks all over.Wanted the Yes channel for Yankee Baseball.Looks like the day of the antenna.A screen shot from the pitcher to the catcher show grass that looks like a painting with moving bloches and the catcher looks like he is made of little squares that move.Can't tell who he is with a 6 inch head.Using the same wire from satelite to reciever as before and wires from receiver to projector same as before.Does directv have a poor signal? Looks good on 36 inch tv.tried direct cable from satelite to reciever through window NG.Tried adjusting projector NG.Rese receiver NG. :confused: EMAIL ron@nac.net with help.ANY SIMILAR PROBLEMS?
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    I've seen it on 84 inch and 120 inch screens with a Faroudja line quadroupler a decade ago and ESPN looked like watching a giant window it looked so good. It is roughly equal to DVD and with the new HD receivers exceeds that easily.

    Small white specs sounds more like the IRE is exceeding 100 somewhere. Are you using composite, S-vid (Y/C), component, or RGB connections? Line doubler? Video enhancer?

    Dish needs to be aimed well too, if the signal drops too far below 60 then the picture can digital artifact really bad. Most places a signal 90+ is possible. If you go into setup then you can see what the level is for each transponder (31 of them) and what you really need to check is a few odds and a few even numbered ones. They need to be all good, otherwise some channels may work while other won't.

    The dish needs to be secure too, the smallest wiggle and the signal is going to drop quickly. Its very sensitive and even high winds can mess it up if the mount isn't secured well.
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