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Direct TV Signal

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    I moved a sattelite TV dish from my house to my boat. Set everything up as it should be but cannot receive a signal. Everyone around me is receiveing just fine. Took everything down and hooked it up at a different location and get a signal with no problem. Cannot figure out why the is no signal in the one spot where my boat is. Was in this very same spot in the Spring and every thing worked great.
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    There are a lot of variables that you have left out, some more details on the location are required to even begin to make an educated guess.
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    I would bet the first time you had something hooked up wrong. The old EE saying is "95% of problems are cable problems."
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    Installed a new LNB, a different receiver box with all new cables from the dish to the box to the TV. I have been told me since my post that there were new Microave towers installed over the summer. Could their signsl knock out a sattelite transmission?
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    If you installed an new LNB, are you certain that it works? Getting a satellite signal is not that tough. Most LNB's I have seen have a blinking LED that, when you are in the set up mode, blinks to give you an idea of signal strength. Also, since you have a new box, have you used that box anywhere else? Do you get any messages on the screen not related to the antenna? I would think you've got a kink somewhere else in your system.
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    Doubtful. Both the uwave dishes and your satellite dish are highly directional.
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