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Direction of H field lines

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    does the H field lines go from north to south, or south to north?

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    The H field lines go from the N of a magnet to the S.
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    thanks! thats what i would have guessed. :) so what does this statement on wikipedia mean? is it wrong?

    "Outside a magnet H-field lines are identical to B-field lines, but inside they point in opposite directions. Whether inside or out of a magnet, H-field lines start near the S pole and end near the N."

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    They probably don't mean the direction of the field.
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    Vanadium 50

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    B = H + M, right? Lines of B can never begin or end, and M is uniform inside the magnet and 0 outside. What does that tell us about H?
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    ah right kl :) so the field lines are the same out side as the B field but inside the field lines would be further apart as M is in the opposite direction.
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