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Homework Help: Direction of Tension Forces

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    Hi there,

    Im working on a problem where a portion of it deals with tension. When making a force diagram, I have a difficult time figuring out which direction the tension force is pointing.

    The problem looks like this:

    A block on an incline going downhill to the right, with a string attached and the string is attached to a wall on the left hand side.

    I want to say that the tension force is pointed down hill with the block, but it seems like I could talk myself into either way.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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    Chi Meson

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    Tension is in the string. Both ends of the string pull with equal magnitudes of force on the objects the string is attached to.

    Is the block stationary? I assume so. In that case, the tension is pulling the block with a force that will cause equilibrium.
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    Yes, the block is stationary. Thank you very much!!
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