B Direction of Voyager 2

I've been reading that Voyager 2 is scheduled to pass by Sirius in about 300,000 years. Other sources state it is destined to orbit the Milky Way for billions of years. I don't understand how it can be headed toward a specific direction and orbiting the center of the galaxy at the same time.


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Maybe because Sirius is orbiting the galaxy?
It is heading in some direction relative to the sun. Relative to the overall motion of the Sun, Sirius and Voyager 2 around the galactic center its speed (relative to the sun) is negligible, we all orbit the galaxy in similar orbits.


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Or to put it differently, when I went cycling across Europe last autumn, I was scheduled to pass London within two weeks. Other sources stated that I'm destined to orbit the Sun for many years still (and it's too early for a middle age crisis :wink:).
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