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Direction to Big Bangs ?

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    Direction to Big Bangs ???

    If there are many universes , can it be possible that due to the presense of a universe the nearby Big Bang occurs in some direction(Universe effect on other Universes and Big Bangs) ???
    Just like if there is a wall and a water ballon is made to burst nearby , the water splashes in the available space only ...
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???


    Remember, when inflation occurs in a region, it creates new space, rather than expanding into pre-existing space. Alan Guth, the founder of inflationary cosmology, showed that if we created a universe in a lab (obviously, technological limitations ignored) it would not have any effect on us.

    BTW, welcome to the forum!
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    There is no evidence that more than one universe exists. Also, the Big Bang was not an explosion in space, it was the point in time that the universe began to expand. This is very non-intuitive and there are plenty of threads here on PF about it, just use the search function and you should find lots. As such it does not work the way you think it does.
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    Not really.

    However, a similar effect occurs in the context of eternal inflation. In eternal inflation, you get what are known as "bubble collisions". This happens in a model where you have an inflating space where different regions may tunnel to different energy states (this is a natural picture in string theory, for example). These regions with different energy states may collide, and if this did occur in our past, we might be able to see it in the cosmic microwave background.

    In case anybody is interested in the theoretical work describing this, see here:
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    If there are many universes, some MUST have evolved in such a manner ...maybe even an infinite number.

    Stranger things have been discovered. Also depends on what you mean by direction....they likely all have a 'direction' governed by increasing entropy.....'the arrow of time'....

    edit: if they did not, I guess they'd promptly vanish.

    For more on multiverses, check:

    I guess that's accurate. But we have possible hints otherwise....we'll have to wait and see. If you think that way then you are stuck with 'one of a kind never to be repeated single big bang'.....always possible, but that's not the way physics usually works.....

    But it is also accurate to say there is no evidence that more than one universe dosn't exist. I prefer to think that way.

    It just occurred to me that the Steinhardt-Turok colliding branes [cyclic]model likely has a direction of the sort you might be considering....the universe is contained between colliding branes.....and 'recycles' in finite 'bangs'.


    and more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_Universe_Theory
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    My hypothesis is to some extent similar to Cyclic Model , but however not infinite cycles
    Actually I was thinking that if universes expand under the influence of other universes , now considering a specific inflation category , the expansion starts circularly but I wanted to add a helical movement to the expansion which will distribute the same universe into multi layers and each sub layer has its own energy-mass distribution and space -time relations . The reason that made me to think of adding of helical movement is to satisfy the "EXPANDING UNIVERSE" .
    "My whole concept can be considered analogous to a simple ballon inflation(partial circular+helical)" .
    By this I am easily able to tell as to why we are not able to see thinks(dark matter,Black Holes and many other concepts)
    I am currently trying to figure out the Energy-Mass distribution , time-relation from the place where the p-brane disturbances started ...
    Suggestions are always heartly welcome
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    I can't answer any of your questions immediately above, but another variable would be to consider if some kind of a 'bang' occurred from nothing or, alternatively, occurred within an existing universe. And what happens if one bang is followed by another, say in the range of Planck time....two inflationary regions bumping....or if they bump now during mere 'superluminal' expansion....or whatever other short time scale you'd like.....a version of the bubble scenario......
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    Please! , I want suggestions to whether I should continue in the direction I am thinking or should I drop this idea ...
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    If you are interested in actual physics, you should drop it and focus on more basic stuff until you have a better understanding of cosmology.
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    Re: Direction to Big Bangs ???

    Until you understand the actual math that underlies current theory then I would drop it. My suggestion is that you take classes on it, learn about cosmology, and then if you still want to show that your model is possible you will have the tools required to do so. We cannot help you any further than this, as personal theories are not allowed on PF, as that is not what the site is for.
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