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Directional magnetic flux is a big liar

  1. Apr 9, 2006 #1
    One of the phenomena I am very confused about is magnetic field, since 5 years ago I keep asking myself "why magnetic spinning like that around a wire with current instead of that?"

    I donno why at these recent years I keep find the answer althought I am not sure if I can find it, however, I finally come out with a little new understanding.

    I found that actually drawing the magnetic field with arrow(direction) is confusing. I don't think magnetic field is always moving around of a wire, and, perhaps it is wrong to understand the force as a magnetic force.

    Now, I throw away all the Fleming xxx hand rule or what, I just make myself that I only know "two parallel wire with identical direction of current will attract" and "two parallel wire with opposite current direction will repel", that's it, that's the two concept I needed to know...

    Then, I draw a loop in front of me, and another straight wire in the middle of the loop, then I randomly make the direction of current of the loop and the straight wire, using only the two consept I know, finding out the resultant force of the 'magnetic' field that the loop act on the wire, I found that the direction is exactly same with Fleming xxx hand rule.

    If you don't understand what I mean, well, honestly, I believe that the 'magnetic' force we learn for more than a century ago is missleading consept. These is no such "directional magnetic force", the magnetic force that we draw as a directional force, using an arrow, is wrong.

    The only thing we needed to know is only
    "identical direction of current is attractive" and
    "opposite direction of current is repulsive".

    If you don't believe me try it yourself on a piece of paper, no matter it is anykind or anywhat magnetic force you draw, will come out these conclusion. If you look carefully.

    Or maybe you can prove it that I am wrong.

    I had no talent to prove above theory I mention, or some deeply understood theory and with mathematical prediction. But however, I wonder if this is related to "particle of right hand side" and "antiparticle of left hand side", and others physics theory. Honestly, I felt it do, cause I never found any about of these new consept/theory yet.

    So "why parallel current attract?", "whyo oposite current repel?", I had tried to figure out, but it seems clueless, it is justlike asking "why and how is the de-Broglie wave?" these kind of question... very difficult than any theory I meet.

    So, the conclution is: the magnetic force is a big liar!:cool:
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