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Directly proportional?

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    directly proportional? can anyone give an example of it?

    thanks alot!
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    y and x are directly proportional, A is a constant.

    [tex] y = Ax [/tex]

    [tex] \frac{y}{x} = A [/tex]
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    Right. This is represented as [tex]y\propto x[/tex].
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    thanks! :smile:
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    Careful. Make sure A is not a positive constant < 1. Otherwise you will get that they are inversely proportional.
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    hi cyby! what you mean with that? do you mean that A must always be a positve number if not it will be inversely proportional? :cry:
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    Tom Mattson

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    No, that's not true. It's still a direct proportion. y and x are inversely proportional if y=A/x.
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    Uh, you are right. Sorry, was thinking about something else completely.
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