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Disappointing situation + senior project ideas

  1. Nov 26, 2007 #1
    I'm finished with all my physics classes but QM and a senior project. I'd like to finish in the spring and possibly start grad school next fall, but I can't because my college is not offering QM again until next fall. The last time it was offered was fall 06. You can't do an indepedent study for QM, and the students already tried to get the class offered next semester, but it was denied. The next nearest college is all filled up. It's really disappointing because I already missed a few semesters and wasted some time being undecided. It's taking me forever to graduate!

    I suppose my plan is to take Non-Linear Systems even though I don't need it and then maybe Symbolic Logic + another philosophy class in the Spring.

    In the fall I'll finally take QM, and also finish up a philosophy minor.

    But my next biggest college related problem is figuring out what to do for a senior project. Do you guys have any ideas for senior projects?
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