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Discernment , duality and perception ,singularity (not black hole)

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    I'm looking for some help with a visual art project. Mainly does anyone have any ideas defining the diferences between discernment and duality with perception and an idea of singularity. Thankyou for your help and input.
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    How about hundreds of cages hanging in a void and a hundred suspended from the abyss with a thousand monkies leaping from cage to cage some imprisoned toward a ball of lighting in the distance.
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    donno what u meant by the discernment and duality with perception. as for singularity->

    probably just whiteness... pure white light would be my guess... i would suggest the best way to do it would be to just put alot of emphasis on white light, with matter causing black spots (you would need this unless you want to hand in a white piece of paper) in the sphere of expanding light...

    a good idea though cause it is the creation of space-time, therefore there would be no possible perspective of it. so it is pretty unreal, but that is the beauty of it i guess =]

    if you do it, and when u are done with the artwork, i would appreciate it if you could send me a copy.

    ma emails: elibol@isbank.net.tr

    i have a visual perception of it, but it is impossible to see it really, from any point of view, cause it would be INSANELY bright.
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    u sure like monkeys dontcha?
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    To further your ideas concerning discernment and duality. Consider duality to be shades of grey, black and white and discernemnt to be the spectrum. Singularity can either be a LED in the center of your assumed circular picture or something which does not correlate with the picture, like a monkey.
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