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Disclosure Project Conference

  1. Aug 7, 2003 #1
    http://www.ufocasebook.com/disclosureproject.ram [Broken]

    I know this should go under UFO's but I believe it's worthy of a seperate post. You'll need realplayer to view the video. This is testimony by various ex-military personnel, many with above top-secret clearance, verifying through testimony and documented proof that we've known about aliens since at least 47. Some of these people were actually involved in the "black government" side of things. We all know the government has these projects. They don't really spend 500 bucks on a toilet seat. This is not the typical UFO dribble, so before you comment I invite you to watch at least a portion of this testimony before you comment. It's made a believer out of me, and I'd like to get other people's take on the credebility of the witnesses, and any type of view countering this, because I have none.
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    One more drop in the full, full bucket of proof.
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    So are you saying you think this is a hoax? I"m just asking for opinions.
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    No, he isn't..... but I am.
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    Not sure hoax is the word but the guy and his rich friends are definately nuts. Saying that im sure intermingled with greers fantasies he has the odd scam going, like the 'ambassador to the universe' club or whatever it is. Heard the story about the storming of an underground space alien base with sarin lol.

    EDIT: oh btw most the people who attended that conference thought it was about space weapons star wars etc...
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    Well what would constitute sufficient credibility for you? If a president came forth and acknowledge it, would you deem him uncredible as well? Are we saying that anyone who supports these assertion looses credibility? I mean here we have a doctor, a harvard lawyer, high ranking military personnel, People with masters degrees and PhDs, all acknowledging this, but yet you're dismissing them as quacks. Soley because of the subject. Jimmy Cater believed in UFO's and even had a sighting. No one dismisses him. Maybe they don't laud him as a good president, but his credibility is intact.

    My point simply is that it's not these people you're rejecting, but the idea itsself. You're unwilling to consider it as a valid alternative even in the face of strong evidence. Be skeptical, but don't be blind and prejudiced. This bears resemblance to religious believes in that they refuse to consider god does not exist in the face of any and all evidence or logic.

    I'm not into the supernatural myself, and I've never been a "UFO chaser" or had more than a mild passing interest in this phenomenon. But these ARE credible people who are (assuming all they say is true) meeting with members of congress, the senate, white house officials, and others to press this issue. I can't accept that all these very credible liars are just making this crap up.

    All I can say is that the rejection of this is as stubborn, biased, and flat out UNSCIENTIFIC has those who support religion in the face of no lack of evidence, or evidence contradicting it's beliefs.
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    Having a masters or PHD doesn't make your testimonial any more credible. Some people have remarkably little to lose when endorsing pseudoscience, especially if the money is right. Now the case of UFOs may be different but take just about any quack theory and there is at least one person with a degree is willing to testify for you. Even in court. One of the biggest UFO supporters in the US is the head of a Physics department. He supports UFOs vocally yet he hasn't lost his job or wound up shot dead somewhere in the desert.

    I don't mean to say this is wrong. But your assertion that these people must be telling the truth because of their educations is downright false.

    There is strong evidence that people see things in the sky that they cannot explain. But there is little evidence that these unexplained sightings are actually otherworldly beings.
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    The truth is out there

    What is the truth? I can't say for certain, but I know we do not know the whole story.
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