Discovering new species of dinosaurs

  1. Most paleontologists, on discovering new species of dinosaurs, give them exceedingly convoluted scientific names. So, it came as a surprise to find an interestingly named dinosaur. The story goes that once, a new species of dinosaur was discovered by a group of paleontologists, but the first discovered fossil was missing a skull. This inspired one of its discoverers to give it an innovative name. I dont want its complete scientific name, but what was the main inspiration behind it?
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  3. hm.. maybe i understand you wrong, but when you ask for the inspiration behind giving the name, it would be good to know the name.
    Or are you asking for both of them?

    I'm personally interested in paleontology, so i would be interested in knowing the name.

  4. I also dont know the name It would be nice if u tell both.

    BTW, r u into biology?
  5. hm...
    i think, i read something about something like that some time ago, but i don't know where that was.

    maybe i find it in the next time.

    Not really,
    but more zoology, than genetics and biochemistry and so on..

  6. plz try to recall.........its a kinda urgent
  7. hi!

    i saw ur quote.

    i too am interested in knowing the answer.

    do share with me.

    BTW my e-ddress is
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