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Discovery channel will be re-airing its show Supervolcano

  1. Apr 9, 2005 #1
    Discovery channel will be re-airing its show "Supervolcano"

    Just as an alert, the Discovery channel will be re-airing its show "Supervolcano" Sunday, April 10, at 8:00 PM amd 11:00 PM.

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    Is this the program on the yellow stone national park catastrophe?
  4. Apr 9, 2005 #3
    if that thing blows up, we are goners man !
  5. Apr 9, 2005 #4
    yeah pretty much. With USA in ice age, and massie climate change :rolleyes:
  6. Apr 9, 2005 #5
    time to head south to Mexico. :confused:
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    <<<is watching Dora the Explorer to freshen up on my spanish:smile:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    thanks. :smile:

    It will be intersting to see how well they stick to science, and how much is about the special effects.
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    I've got on my to watch list, should be interesting..per Ivans post
  10. Apr 10, 2005 #9
    crap ! i don't have cable TV :cry:
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    Crap, I don't have American TV! :wink:

    if its any good, please let me know and I'll watch out for it in future.
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    GAHH! That's today!! :surprised Just means I'll have to stay up late Tuesday night to watch my other show. :wink:
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    Do they have a tendency to make claims without the evidence of science to back up what they are saying?
  14. Apr 10, 2005 #13
    Yellow Stone National Park catastrophy? When was this and what happend? :confused:

    Would it be like the movie The Day After Tomorrow ? That would definitely not be good.
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    hey people ! can someone make a copy of this show, and send it to me? I'm going to pay you back.

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    Those thumbnails are CUTE!!!:biggrin:

    I'm not sure where you could find a copy of the show.
  17. Apr 10, 2005 #16
    I thought it was a good show, based mostly in fact of of previous eruptions. A good reminder that no matter how much we know of these things, we still don't know enough.
    And ok, I'll stop poking fun of my kids long term food stock, and their emergency water purification system.
  18. Apr 10, 2005 #17
    This was shown here in the UK early March:http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/supervolcano/programme.shtml#truth

    it may be the same programme you are going to see?

    Good, but has some obvious flaws, but agian quite a good show.
  19. Apr 10, 2005 #18
    Yes its the same show, but it aired here in one night. The post show information was very accurate.
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  21. Apr 10, 2005 #20
    I hear that there is another supervolcano in Indonesia (sumatra).
    How close to the surface is this volcano in yellowstone, 10-20 Km ?
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