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Discovery's Planet Earth

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    Discovery's "Planet Earth"

    Is anyone else watching this series? I am extremely impressed and engrossed in this program. The HD is amazing and some of the shots are darn right heavenly. So far my favorite episode is either "Shallow Seas" or "Caves".
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    I'm trying to TiVo as many of the episodes as I can. I've only gotten to watch them a little bit so far, and I agree that they are amazing.
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    Is this a second series of Planet Earth or something? I ask this because I recently(as in a few days ago) saw someone else post a thread about this programme in another forum. Where I live, Discovery airs its shows a little later than they do in the US, but I've been seeing ads and even saw one or two episodes in the past couple of months.
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    No it's completely new. It was 5-6 years in the making. I enjoy the last 15 minutes where they go behind the scenes of the episode on the camera work and difficulties of filming where they were.

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    I saw a few of these when they aired on the BBC a few months ago. Some of the clips are absolutely stunning.

    Here is a link for UK users, as the video clips in the one above are for the US only (No idea why. I didn't even know websites could restrict based on where you are from)
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/animals/planetearth/hd/ [Broken]
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    I remember in one episode, the elusive Snow Leopard chasing down a mountain goat on an almost-vertical wall of a cliff. That was AMAZING! I think he finally caught the goat in the water below
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    They'll be out on DVD soon, including the two competing high-def DVD formats, I believe.

    - Warren
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    I agree, I can't believe how fast they were going on sheer rock cliffs!
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    I liked when they did a time lapse of the sea floor, filled with sea stars, which showed them moving around to avoid a predator (also a slow moving star-like creature).
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    I watch it on HD when I can. It's great. Can't say conserving is the best way to help the environment flourish, but the show is really good. I saw "Deep Sea" and when they were in Alaska and filming bird of paradise mating dances.
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