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Discrepency in Course

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1
    I have recetly covered free body diagrams and tension in my course. I had a question that required me to find the tension and acceleration of two boxes in a pulley system.

    My answer for acceleration was the same as the text (rounded a bit differently), but my answer for tension was way off.

    My issue is, that when I substitute my answer for Tension in the Fnet equations in both the vertical and horizontal planes, they both balance (ex: 535=535). But when I substitute the textbooks answer, the equations don't balance.

    Is there a possibility that the text is incorrect?
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    There is always a "possibility" that the answer in the book is incorrect. However, it is impossible to tell whether that is the case here without knowing what the specific problem is and what answer the book gives.
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