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Homework Help: Discrete Math Problem

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    could someone show me how u would solve 2^27841 mod 34 by hand? I know what theorm to use, im just having trouble using it? Thanks
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    What theorem would you use? Anyways, if it helps, 27841 = 11x2531 and 34 = 2x17. I found that 11 was a factor of 27841 by trial and error, and then by a lot more trial and error, found that 2531 is prime. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake in the calculations.
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    Is there any other way to do this without changing the base?
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    Euler's totient theorem?
    Is a bit tricky because 34 and 2 are not co-prime.
    [tex]2^{17} \equiv 2 \mod 34[/tex]
    Then we can use that
    [tex]27841 \equiv 1 \mod 16[/tex]
    to get
    [tex]2^{27841} \equiv 2^{1} \equiv 2 \mod 34[/tex]
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    hrm yeah that works. How would you solve it with modular exponentiation?
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