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Discrete Math

  1. Apr 3, 2006 #1
    I am planning on self studyint Discrete Math. What would be a good book for this?
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    I didn't use this book. But here is a free online version:

    I skimmed through it and it seems cool. I hated math when I took Discrete math. Now that I'm in a different mindset, I want to go back and take the class :)

    It'll be interesting to see what people recommend, because I'm pretty sure... I'm going to be doing the same thing as you soon.
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    I accidently posted that last comment twice. Whoops.
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    The book I used was by Kenneth Rosen - Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 5e. I can't really say if it's a great book or not, but it equips you with pretty much the necessary tools needed to know the material.

    Frogpad: I also hated the class. Some stuff was interesting (especially the number theory and graph theory material), but I really disliked the combinatoric section (just not something I'm a fan of).
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    The book I used, "Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, an Applied Introduction" by Ralph P. Grimaldi (5e) is pretty comprehensive and includes a lot of extra material for further study.
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