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Homework Help: Discrete Math

  1. Sep 30, 2007 #1
    A family has three children (Adam, Beth, and Chris) and 8 jobs for the children are in the job fair.
    a. How many ways can one job be assigned to each child if the children have to get different jobs?
    b. If each gets a different job and the parent picks out the three jobs but lets the children decide who does which job;how many ways can the parent dicide what jobs get done?
    c. How many ways can one job be assigned to each child if the same job can be assigned to more than one child?
    d. If all eight jobs are assigned to the children with no more than one child per job, how many ways can the jobs be assigned with Adam getting 3 jobs, Beth getting 3 jobs, and Chris getting 2 jobs.
    e. How many ways can all eight jobs be assigned to the children with one child per job?

    please help this. i'm feeling difficult.

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