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Homework Help: Discrete Math

  1. Jan 27, 2012 #1
    Even though I'm a math major graduating in May, this is the first time I've had a formal exposure to logic.


    I'm not sure on e) and f).


    x domain: all students in this class
    y domain all department courses
    z domain: all departments in this school
    P(x,y,z): student x taken course y in department z

    \exists x \exists z \forall y P(x,y,z) [/itex]


    x, y domain: students in this class
    P(x,y): student x grew up in same town as student y

    \exists x \exists! y [P(x,y) ∧ (x\neq y)] [/itex]
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    everything looks correct to me!
    is that from how to prove it a structured approach?
    it looks like some questions in there..
    if you haven't seen that book I'd reccomend it if you're still looking for some extra revision material
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    I was more confident on f) than e). For some reason, e) gave me a hard time. I guess I wasn't sure about the extent to which I could use the propositional function.

    Our textbook is Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6th edition by Kenneth H. Rosen.
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