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Disgraphia Whats up with that?

  1. Apr 10, 2003 #1
    I gusse this would go under nerology:

    Ok now when I talked to a school nerolgist she siad in laymens terms that disgraphia is when you think too fast for your hand to write and your handwriteing is hardly legable with both hands but my right is a little better...mine is really really bad it is so bad i dont include letters sometimes. But i can perform cordination tasks with my hands like touching each finger to my thumb over and over agian and never mess up. What dose this mean is my thinking fatst or just my hand is slow, and i would also like to know if anyone can answer why it happens.

    And on a side note how come learning diablities often accopany minor ones?

    Well at least now i can be proud and call my self a SPED...this is so coo
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