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Medical Disgusting Barnacles

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    What I'd like to know, is if parasites can take over and alter the nervous systems of simpler animals, are there any type of parasites that can take over the brains of mammals or reptiles altering their behavior to suit the parasites needs?
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    Interresting that you ask. An article was just publish and it described that Toxoplama seem to alter the behavior of rats.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20060211/sc_space/mindcontrolbyparasites [Broken]


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    Thanks for the links, will take a look at them more in depth later. I think I have heard that Toxoplasma is thought to be a cause of schizophrenia in psychobiology, and what it does to rats seems quite interesting.
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    Rabies. Rabid animals are more likely to bite other animals and spread the parasite.
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