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Dishwasher Safe Caulk

  1. Jan 30, 2017 #1
    It seems that the consensus among DIY forums is that the only safe caulk for dishwasher use is food grade/aquarium caulk. For my specific application, though, I need something less permanent than silicone, but, from what I can tell, a food grade latex caulk doesn't exist.

    I was looking at the SDS:


    for the colored version of this:


    These are the ingredients that it lists:

    Limestone (50-75%)
    Diethylene glycol dibenzoate (2.5-10%)
    Titanium dioxide (0.1-1.0%)
    Quartz (0.1-1.0%)

    According to this:


    Diethylene glycol dibenzoate is approved for trace/edge exposure in aqueous foods.

    I'm looking at this list, and nothing is screaming out "don't use this near food." Am I missing something?
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    less permanent than silicon aquarium sealant???? this is hardly permanent , a sharp utility knife will take it off ... less permanent than that and it won't stick!
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    I'm using it on the rubber seal under a dishwasher motor/pump (between the motor and the plastic bottom of the dishwasher basin), so I can't cut it off. In my experience, silicon caulk has superior adhesion. The rubber seal is pretty old (and impossible to replace inexpensively). My concern is that, when it comes time to remove the motor, the silicon bond will hold and the rubber seal will tear.

    And I don't really need it to be that sticky, just sticky enough to keep it from leaking. When cured, latex caulk seems to have the right amount of tack for my application, and, when it comes time to remove the motor, it should be removable.

    I've given some thought to applying some kind of release agent with the silicone, but I'm concerned that I'll use too little and have too tight a bond, or use too much and end up with a leak.
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