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Disinfectant and bacteria experiment VERY

  1. Apr 1, 2005 #1
    Disinfectant and bacteria experiment!!! VERY URGENT

    Hi.I have done an experiment recently about the effect of disinfectant on the rate of bacterial growth.I used four disinfectants.Say A,B,C and D.A came out to be the best disinfectant followed by B C and D.I wanna do the analysis now but i am not quiet sure what to write .I can say A is the best and give a reason for that but i dont think writting that will be enough.Anyone here can suggest me how to write up an analysis for an experiment or if you have any weblink about it ,can you please drop it here.Any kind of help will highly be appreciatedundefined
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    You have answered your own question if you examine your first sentence:
    The analysis is going to explain the data you have taken and the conclusions you come to. What data did you take? Did you compare the ingredients in the disinfectants?
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    In addition, how did you QUANTIFY the "effect on bacterial growth rate" between "A", "B", "C", & "D"??

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