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Disintegration of proton in water atom (task)

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    Little task :
    The great unification theory says that there is a very little
    probability that the proton will disintegrate for meson pi0 and
    positron (e+) .
    In one of the experiments ,checking this theory, there were 3300
    tons of water obserwed using very sensible gear , the gear can
    manage to detect even single case of disintegration . During one year
    of obserwations there weren't noticed any cases of disintegration.
    Questions :
    1- What limitation for half-life period is implicated by this
    obserwations ?
    2- In which value of half-life period ,in one year of obserwations ,
    would be obserwed at least one case of disintegration with 95%
    probability ?
    Good luck !
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    Are you asking for help on a homework problem? Start by calculating the number of protons in the tank...
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    And then ?
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