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Disney's Robotic Acrobats

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    Disney is experimenting with robotic acrobats as possible replacements for stuntmen in their movies.

    How good are they? Checkout the video below:

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    As noted in the video, the view is not to replace actors or stuntmen.
    The stuntman in the video is describing as a tool he will use himself.

    Consider this: If I was programming one of these stunt bots, I would start by emulating moves that have already been developed by human stuntmen. Working with the robots will result in new moves - and the human/robot mix will create even more and better results. There is artistry in this - and humans in the roles of system developers and in the roles stunt people will contribute to this art.
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    Famous last words, “not to replace actors or stuntmen”

    History says differently, if they can they will with humans overseeing the work done. In deference though, it true that it’s difficult to get computers to have that human touch from jazz to dancing to acting. Often the uncanny valley fear appears.

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    I don't doubt that they will be used in films. What I do doubt is that it will reduce the number of actors or stuntmen required.
    I've been in a lot of situations where it looked as though a new computer system was going to eliminate jobs - but I've never seen it happen.
    And I do not claim that it couldn't happen. But in the situations I've been involved in, the result has been more and/or better production with the employer taking full advantage of the existing staff - or, in many cases, expanding staff.
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