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Homework Help: Displacement and force problem

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    the question is: A duck has a mass of 2.5 kg. As the duck paddles, a force of 0.10N acts on it in a direction due east. In addition, the current of the water exerts a force of 0.20N in a direction of 52 degrees south of east. When these forces begin to act, the celocity of the duck is 0.11m/s in a direction (relative to due east) of the displacement that the duck undergoes in 3.0s while the forces are acting.

    I got the x and y components but I am stuck as to where to go from there??
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    What's the actual question; could you quote it word for word, please?

    You should also show some work before we can help you. What have you done thus far? How did you find the x and y components?
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    That was the actual question word for word.

    I took the .20N due east and took it times the sin of 52 to give me the y component which gives me .16N
    and to find the x component I took the .20N times the cos of 52 to give me one of the x-components and added it to the .10N already stated that was due east and it gave me
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