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Homework Help: Displacement and pressure in sound wave

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    there is one formula given as follow

    (max pressure ) = (speed of wave)X(density of medium)X(angular frequency of the wave ) X (maximum displacement)

    in the book, there is no working shown how to arrive to this formula. anyone can show me the steps? thank you.

    (sorry, i dont know how to insert the symbols)
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    s=s_m\sin(kx-\omega t)[/tex]

    [tex] \Delta p=-B\frac{ds}{dx}[/tex]

    [tex]\Delta p(x,t) = Bks_m\sin(kx-\omega t)[/tex]

    B=\rho v^2


    hence u get
    [tex]\Delta p_m=\omega v \rho s_m [/tex]
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