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Displacement calculation

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    Dear all,

    Here is a problem that I need to get an answer. Kindly look at the image attached and help me by solving it.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Jnanesha KS

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    Uhh...40+ views with 0 reply/answer?:cry:
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    Yes, trying to farm out the work, and then crying about it is surely the way to get anything done.

    Nobody is going to just solve it for you. It looks like a homework question, although even if it isn't I doubt you'll get any help unless you put forth some effort of your own.

    Try stating what you know/have done so far or what your specific problems/questions are.
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    You'll need to provide more details about your application, otherwise people will think this is homework, or perhaps some textbook-style problem for independent study.
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    Sorry, I shouldn't have used any smileys/expressions. But, I was in hurry to get the solution.

    Ok. I am also a mechanical engineer but lost touch with mechanics/vibrations etc. I work in prodcut design (concepts) enviornment and does not involve in much of calculation except some basic things like stress/shear stress/spring design/gear selection etc.

    This piece of work is not either homework or from a text book.

    Kindly let me know what further inputs are required. From overview, I also thought following inputs might be needed:

    1. Height of system (height of 10T mass from ground)

    2. Friction (can be assumed zero)

    3. Linear elongation of ropes (can be assumed zero)

    4. System has damper? (from the figure it is un-damped system)

    5. Perturbing pivot – every second 10mm to left or right à Is this continuous or for particular duration? (like 1 minute/1 hour etc)

    I hope you guys trust me and help me.


    Jnanesha KS
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    Dear all,

    Kindly help me.

    Jnanesha KS
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    What progress have you made calculating the natural frequency of vibration of the system?

    The way the rope fixings work will be important in the way the vibration is transmitted to the ropes, both top and bottom.
    I would also bear in mind that 20mm thick steel 'ropes' are pretty stiff transversally so will not really start to flex properly until some distance away from top and bottom fixings.

    As you have described it, this looks like a theoretical exercise?
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    I know my answer will seem "rude" to you all. But, being honest, I am not good in such high-end calculation. Basically I am concept designer.

    Also I know I can not force anyone here to help me by solving this. All I can do is a "sincere request".

    Jnanesha KS
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    What is the own frequency oscillation of the system?(Response to a unit impulse?)
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