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Displacement measurement

  1. Sep 15, 2015 #1
    On separate lines list
    each measurement name, average value ±uncertainty (readability or reason for uncertainty)
    Displacement, 0.100 - 1.600 meters ± 0.005 meters (σ precision for start and final position reading.)
    Consider Displacement a measurement instead of startP and finalP.

    Here are the things you should list and give the details mentioned above:
    Height of block
    Distance b/w supports
    Your value for g*

    I'm having problems because it is complicated. I aware of the equation for the very top, but I don't have any clue how to find those four things. Assistance would be appreciated. I have tried the velocity formula, but still cant solve.
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    Are you dropping a block out of rest next to a ruler and timing its fall between two points on the ruler?
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    Yes, that was done.
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    It seems you dropped it from the 10 cm mark to the 160 cm mark. The displacement would then be how far the block is from the origin when the timing was stopped plus/minus the uncertainty of this value. Due to the measurements there would be some uncertainty in this displacement value. You have to put an estimate on this uncertainty. Did you use a stopwatch for the measurements?
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