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Display a cylindrical surface in 3D using gnuplot

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    I'm just beginning to learn to use gnuplot & can't figure out how to display a cylindrical surface in 3D.

    Even a simple one like x2 + y2 = 1

    Oh, and how about a vertical plane?

    Anybody know how to do this?
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    try using the splot command.

    for example:

    gnuplot> splot -x**3 -y
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    Thanks, dduardo, but while z = x**3 -y is a surface, it's not a vertical surface & certainly not a cylinder.

    I know about the splot command -- I just can't think of a gnuplot-valid expression for a vertical plane or cylinder.

    Any ideas about that specifically?
  5. Nov 28, 2003 #4

    If anyone's interested, I found that this can be done by using the "set parametric" command & then giving it parametric expressions for the x, y & z coordinates.
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