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Display Problems `

  1. Jun 13, 2004 #1
    I usually use my iBook with an external monitor, and recently I've been using a CRT ( as opposed to my LCD). And ever since I've been using the CRT (a few months), everything on the iBook and CRT monitor's screen seems to be enlarged.

    This completely screws up the calibration on my CRT monitor, since everything on screen is larger (the dock, Mac HD icon), I have to change the settings on the CRT. Usually the iBook will fix itself. Not this time.

    And I know that things on my iBook's screen seem larger than before. When I start my ibook up, the Apple that shows up on the white screen is nearly triple the size that it was before this happened.

    Other problems occur when I'm surfing the net.

    When I go to this site:

    http://www.nike.com/nikecycling/flash.html# [Broken]

    The window isn't wide enough, so menu bar at the top ends at "Fea".

    While, almost every site I go to, there is a huge scroll bar at the bottom because the site is too wide (like right now).

    When I go to Spymac, for instance, the width scroll bar is huge. At Physicsforums, on the screen where you write your replies/posts, things get cut-off at "Close Current Ta" and the right side of the smilies box doesn't show.

    Basically, the windows I open up just won't fit the screen. Like when I opened Camino (which I haven't used for a long time), it comes out so wide and large that it doesn't fit on the screen. Even when I hit the resize button on the window, I can barely see the scroll-bar to the right.

    I've already checked resolutions - it's at default.

    I have no clue what the problem is.
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