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Disposing of nuclear waste under Earth's crust

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    This may perhaps belong in a Geology forum but here goes.

    Can anyone comment on the possibility of pushing nuclear wastes into the
    molten magma below earth's crust? I belive someplace near the Mojave
    desert in the US the earth's crust is only 4 or 5 miles thick.

    I'm thinking that this would:
    1) Perhaps greatly dilute the waste through a huge volume of viscous fluid
    2) Confine it for enormous periods of time
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    i had the same idea maybe even on this forum. from all other options yous is the best.
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    rofl, its the biggest trash compactor ever!
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    This idea has been suggested already. The waste would be dropped into the rifts in the ocean, however, not on land.
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    What would happen if the stuff gets into a nearby volcano? You could get a dirty radioactive cloud!
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    I think the subduction zones are far enough away, and sub-mantle
    transport of material is slow enough; such that by the time the waste
    reaches an active volcano - the residual radioactivity is neglible.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    Why bother? Dump the stuff in a geologically stable pit far below, and distant from the nearest water table, and forget about it.
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