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Disruptions Cooper pairs

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    How does the coherent quantum mechanical entity avoid disruptions by the lattice vibration and impurities?
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    It doesn't. At least not in general. Introducing defects and/or raising the temperature will always affect the propeties of the superfluid (coherence length etc). In some cases this also leads to a finite resistance due to e.g. phase slips.
    This is why we use various limits, e..g the "dirty limit" etc when dealing with real materials.
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    cooper pairs

    what s one of the most important results abtioned in theory cooper pairs?:bugeye:
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    How much of the Cooper Pair problem have you understood? Maybe people can answer you starting from there. For example, in Chap. 34 of Ashcroft and Mermin, 1st ed., they describe the derivation of the bound state. Have you worked through this? Is this what you didn't realize the significance of or didn't understand why it is important?

    You need to be MORE specific in your question than this to get any reasonable answer.

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