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Dissasembling a gateway mt6451

  1. Aug 19, 2008 #1
    my laptop is broken, the as input jack is loose, im 95% sure that is has become unsoldered. I talked to my local computer store and no one in my area repairs something like this is must be sent to the manufacturer, because this was a refurbished pc the warranty is expired and its not worth it to send in for repairs so im taking it apart.
    i allready have a new laptop so i dont care if it breaks.

    my plan is to take it apart and see if i can somehow fix this problem myself, i know its gonna be difficult but im gonna try.

    im going to try to reveal the solder points for the jack and resolder them or connect the ac adapter permanently, or possibly supply power where the battery terminals connect

    if anyone has any idea or words of advice, dos and donts type of thing that will help me get this thing apart thats what im looking for. right now im working on gettin the back panel off which is pretty confusing the ac input jack is visible but not accessable.
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    Yeah go for it, it's how you learn. Laptops can be a bit of a pain totake apart because they are so compact. Just make sure you have it turned off and unplugged :) Also a wear an anti-static wristband and clean your hands. Good luck!
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    I dropped my new laptop from some height, and it stopped working. It was new so I didn't want to open it up and didn't have time to find someone. So, I kept it as such in my room for one month, and it started working back :)
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    yea thats what i figure ill learn from it, have every part isolated now took plenty of pictures to help put it back together, i dont have any static gaurds so im wearing rubber gloves and i have the motherboard wrapped in plastic except for that part im working on.

    so the ac in jack seems to be soldered to the board perfectly, i know its not the ac adapter cuz i allready tryed replacing that.

    when i plug the ac adapter in (not plugged into the wall) it feels loose so maybe its not the ac jack loose from the mobo, but the ac jack its self is worn out inside or bent or something i dont know what the &%$% is going on. the solders on the ac jack are quite large they would be easy to fix.
  6. Aug 19, 2008 #5
    when i plug the ac adapter into the laptop i have to pull up and the the right on the male jack/cord that goes into the ac input to get it to get power. when i do this the charging led comes on. It has gotten to the point where it has to be taped in order to use.

    this led me to believe that when i opened it up one of the solders would be broken by wear and tear solders are all intact the female part of the ac jack is secured tightly to the mobo.

    i have checked the ac adapter again with a voltimeter i get a steady 19v no fluctuations even if i try jiggling the cord the problem has to be something to do with the ac input jack, i don't sea any broken circuits around the jack either.
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    i plugged the ac adapter in checked the solders on the board from the jack and guess what 19 volts, that means its not the jacks there is a problem downstream from the power input. i don't understand what this could be that could would be fixed by pulling up on the as jack.
    it seems unlikely that it would be a cracked circuit, i need some ideas here.
  8. Nov 24, 2008 #7
    Did you (or anyone) have any success disassembling the mt6451? I have one with the identical problem and want to take it apart. I removed all of the screws from the bottom of the case but was unable to open the case to reveal the motherboard so I could check the power jack connection. I will appreciate assistance from anyone who has successfully taken this model gateway apart.

  9. Apr 6, 2009 #8
    Gateway site has service manual at http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Q106/Oasis/8511725_Service.pdf. My gateway has the same vague problem but I will not stop trying to repair it. Is your new adapter a genuine gateway adapter? Some replacement adapters are not made the same. Your problem existed before replacing adapter anyway. My notebook has a new adapter (genuine) and i am waiting on a new battery (genuine). It flashes red on the front panel. I pulled the cmos battery which is located under the keyboard. It booted once with the old and new adapter and old battery in it , but the flashing red light made me decide to shut it off immediately. Cmos did not help, it won't boot at all now. I ordered a power jack (genuine) because there is too much slop in there. Waiting on parts. Anyone else had this problem?
  10. Oct 22, 2010 #9
    Ok . les escribo para dar solucion a su problema, advirtiendole que el conector de corriente se encuentra unido al motherboard y es un poco complicado pero si se arriesgan ahi les va, debe destapar la cubierta que proteje al disipador y quitar este mismo destornillandolo tambien en el area del procesador 2 en la parte de abajo se encuentra un agujero y dentro un tornillo para liberar el dvd rom 3 - al sacar el dvd rom en el gabinete donde entra el dvd rom hay dos tornillos pequeños 4 - detras del monitor en ambos lados donde se sujeta hay dos tornillos pequeños uno a cada lado y estos liberan la tapita que proteje al boton de encendido, es una tapita que recorre de lado a lado por enfrente del monitor, debajo del logo GATEWAY para quitar esta tapita es nesesario inclinar el monitor hacia atras para poder levantarla, de no mover el monitor hacia atras no saldra esta tapita 5 - retira la bateria y debajo hay otros 4 tornillos hay que retirarlos y por fin , lo que sigue es retirar el teclado, con mucho cuidado desconectando este, el mouse el monitor y para ver el daño y repararlo practicamente hay que quitar todos los tornillos del motherboard conectores y demas, yo repare mi gateway modelo mx6901m que tenia la pantalla rota, tambien cambie el conector de corriente y el teclado con otra modelo mt 6451 y al final tambien arregle esta ultima pero la voy a utilizar con un monitor aparte y un mouse y teclado. lo que hice fue cambiar el conector de la corriente por uno mas comun y listo cambie tambien el cable de corriente. soy tecnico en electronica y como nunca me resolvieron sobre la garantia me di a la tarea de repararla yo mismo Saludos a todos y disculpas por escribirles en español pero para ver este foro entre con google traductor y al final me di cuenta pero ya habra quien les tradusca para resolver sus problemas ya que tengo bastante experiencia en Lap tops gracias una vez mas.

    Ok. I am writing to give solution to their problem, warning that the power connector is attached to the motherboard and is a bit complicated but if they risk going there, to uncover the cover that protects the sink and remove this unscrewing also in the area processor 2 - at the bottom is a hole in a screw to release the dvd rom 3 - to get the dvd rom in the cabinet where it enters the dvd rom two small screws 4 - behind the monitor on both sides where it is held There are two small screws on each side and they release the cap that protects the power button is a cap that runs from side to side in front of the monitor, below the logo GATEWAY to remove this cap is proved necessary to tilt the monitor backwards to to lift, not to move the monitor will not go backwards this cap 5 - remove the battery and below is another 4 screws must be removed and finally, what follows is to remove the keyboard, carefully disconnect, mouse, monitor and to see the damage and repair almost have to remove all the screws on the motherboard and other connectors, I fixed my mx6901m gateway model that had broken screen, also change the power connector and the keyboard with another model and the 6451 m final also fix the latter but I will use a separate monitor and a mouse and keyboard. I did was change the power connector for a more common and also ready to change the power cord. I am an electronics technician and as I never agreed upon the guarantee gave me the task of repairing it myself Hello everyone and sorry for write in Spanish, but to view this forum between with google translator and I finally realized but shall make them Translates to solve their problems and I have enough experience in Lap tops thank you again.
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  11. Oct 23, 2010 #10
    I also find that documenting your disassembling of the laptop is useful later on. Take pictures of the components at each major phase of taking it apart for reference later on. It will help add some visual reference if you ever want to try and fix another laptop or if you ever want to take this one apart again and forget what order to do it in. And as someone above me said, wear an anti static wristband and make sure your hands are clear of anything that could mess up your components
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