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Dissolving metals in acid

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    I have a rough plastic surface that I need to make very conductive. I was thinking of coating it with metal but I do not know how. Would it be possible to dissolve some copper/aluminum/nickel (or others) in acid and then pour the acid on the surface and let it dry? Would that give me a metal coating?

    The plastic is very resistant to acids.
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    I'll defer to others on your question.

    However, There are auto body products...metal pastes, etc. I don't know where you are from but 'Big Boy Filler' is conductive.

    Anyways, walk around the the auto body section of car parts store. Or, if you drop by any auto body shop they might take two seconds and do it for free (if you are a student).
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    Some kind of conductive epoxy could work, thanks for the pointer. The silver epoxy is ridiculous expensive, $43 for 16mL on Amazon :/
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    Are you in the USA.? Google 'All Metal'.
    Again, used as body filler. Aluminum based and advertised as good conductor. I'm guessing $10.
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    No. You will be left with dry salt, not metal. To get metal you need a reducing agent. However what you are trying to do is not trivial, a lot depends on the surface preparation. Compare https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tollens'_reagent
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