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The position of a particle at time t is given by r(t) = 3(t2 - sin t)i +
tj - (cos t)k , and the position of another particle is R(t) = t2i + (t3 +
t)j+(sin t)k . At time t = pi, what is the rate of change of the distance
between the two particles? Are they getting closer to one another, or
are they getting farther apart?

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The Attempt at a Solution

I'm actually not sure how to attempt this problem. I think that if the rate of change is postive they are getting farther apart and if it is negative they are getting closer, but I'm not sure.
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The first thing you need to do is write an expression for the distance between the two particles. Think pythagorean theorem.
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I'm not sure I understand. Do I subtract the square of the i,j,k components from each other to get d^2 and then take the directional derivative?