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Distance between strings

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    I would like to know what is the distance between strings (or average distance) ?
    and also in what manner are the strings spread across space? are they spread evenly ? can i find the exact amount of strings in any given location?

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    By strings do you mean cosmic strings?
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    The term "string" as in string theory doesn't refer to a 1-dimension string, but instead, the appearance of unidimensionality at a distance, but where multi-dimensionality may exist upon closer inspection. Indeed, one axiom is that we simply cannot observe a string's compactification of extra dimensions using current technology, else we would have found them already, and since we haven't...
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    Sorry i wasn't clear about this, by strings i do mean cosmic strings.

    i would think that strings would have a representation in our large 4 dimensional universe.

    isn't there a theory of how far apart (or close) is one string to the next? isn't it something like Planck's constant or something in the order of Planck's constant?

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    I guess the answer i was looking for was Planck Length since it's the closest physical distance allowed between any two particles, right?
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