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Distance Block Slides Up Ramp

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A block of mass 2.96 kg is sliding up a ramp with an initial speed of 12.8 m/s. The ramp is inclined from the horizontal at an angle of 36.4 degrees and the coefficient of kinetic friction is [itex]\mu[/itex]=045. What is the displacement of the block along the ramp from the initial time until it stops?

2. Relevant equations

ΔE=(m/2)(vf)2-(m/2)(v0)2 where (vf)=0
v0=12.8 m/s
[itex]\mu[/itex]= 0.45

3. The attempt at a solution

solve for x


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hi getty102! :smile:

correct method, but you forgot to include the gravitational PE (or gravitational work done) :wink:
Cool, thank you. The potential energy from gravity is dependent on the height. Which in this problem is kind of what I'm looking for because if I can find the height I would know the total displacement of the block up the ramp.


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xsinΦ ? :wink:

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