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Distance education in nphysics

  1. Dec 13, 2011 #1

    I am doing a Doctorate study in Biomedical science in the US. One other field that interests me a lot is Physics. I am planning to do another PhD in Physics and I would like to start building my knowledge and resume for it from now. For doing so I thought of taking up an online masters course in physics which will brush my knowledge of physics as well as improve my resume to apply for phd in physics. Can you suggest me some good places for a distance online MS in physics. I tried searching for it but I couldnt find anything very useful.

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    It doesn't make any sense to be that you are getting a second doctorate. Once you have one doctorate, I don't see any point in getting another one.

    The hard part about distance learning isn't finding material. It's getting academic credit. If you are in a situation in which you just want to learn stuff and don't care about academic credit, then just use google and amazon.
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    I find distance-education degrees in physics problematic - you really need access to good labs to get a sound experimental background.
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    In fact, if someone really wanted to, I'm pretty sure that you could create a top-notch doctorate program in theoretical physics via distance learning. But no one seems interested in doing that. Right now the system can't handle the 1000 or so physics Ph.D.'s that come out today, and if you make it easier for people to get a Ph.D., you'll end up with even more of a glut.
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    For sure, but at an undergrad or masters-without-having-first-done-physics level, I really think that having a good experimental background is essential even if you want to be a theoretician. I don't see that being possible for distance learning.
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    Distance learning courses don't and often aren't 100% distance. You can have a course on astrophysics for six months and then spend two weeks of that at an observatory. You could also ship a physics/electronics lab to the student for him to do some simple things.

    If you think about the issues, there are ways around them, but no one has an interest in even *trying* to make it easier for people to learn physics, because then we'd have too many physicists for the economy and society to support (and I consider this a problem with the economy and society).
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