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Distance formula

  1. Sep 6, 2004 #1
    Yah, easy I know, but I got a little confused. Okay, here's the problem:
    Find the distance between the points to the nearest tenth. J(2,-1) K(2,5) Here's what I did. d=√(2-2)^2+(5-(-1)^2 (the ^2 means squared) √(2-2)^2=0 so I'm left with √(5-(-1)^2= √(6)^2= √36=6 Ok, so how did I do? I wasn't sure if what I did was right, I think so, but I just needed to make sure. Thanks.
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    Your solution is correct.
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    In fact, in that case, since the x coordinates of (2,-1) and (2,5) are the same so the distance is just the distance between -1 and 5 on a number line: 5-(-1)= 6.
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    Oh, yah I never thought about that. Heh, that would have saved some time, I'll remember that! Thanks to both of you.
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