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Homework Help: Distance from ramp

  1. Jun 8, 2004 #1
    K gotta do test corrections, and i just need help on this one.

    A solid sphere released from rest rolls down a ramp, dropping through a vertical height of 0.61m. The ball leaves the bottom of the ramp, which is 1.22m above the floor (moving horizontally). What distance does the ball move in the horizontal direction before landing?

    I used the conservation of energy equation (Ek + Ep = Ek + Ep) to find the velocity of the ball. V = 3.45 m/s

    I also got the time it took t = 0.49 s

    Cant figure out the distance for some reason. lol
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    You say V = 3.45 m/s. I assume this is the ball's horizontal velocity as it enters free fall. In that case, then the ball's horizontal range is simply V*t. (3.45 m/s)*(0.49 s) = 1.69 m.

    Your fall time looks correct (I get about 0.50 s).


    I can't check your velocity value because you didn't provide the ball's mass.

    Of course I don't need to know the mass, what was I thinking. :) mgh=1/2mv^2. Your value for V is absolutely correct. What an elementary error on my part.
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    lol thanks for the help.
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