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Homework Help: Distance/velocity question

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    This isn't homework, but it's a question:
    if an 80 ft. wave approaches shore at 800 miles per hour, and the shore is 82 ft. above sea level, how far will the wave travel across land?

    My mom lives in California and has become obsessed with this earthquake that will allegedly happen tomorrow or twenty years from now (born-again christian, really into the whole "end times" thing). She thinks I'm smart and asked me to figure this out for her...It's been a while since I've had a physics class and I don't really know where to start with this.
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    That is wayyyyyy beyond Intro Physics. :rofl:
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    Umm... Well, if you do th- *mumbles on*
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    yeah...i knew i couldn't be *that* stupid to be so baffled by the question...thanks anyway!
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    From what I can say LOL... If we were talking forces... Find friction o_O
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