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  1. Nov 3, 2007 #1
    Help!!! Please

    Toronto downtown and Scarborough Town Centre are 20.0 km apart. A cyclist leaves Toronto and heads for Scarborough at 20.0 km/h. A second cyclist leaves Scarborough for Toronto at exactly the same time at a speed of 15.0 km/h. [4 Marks]

    a) Where will the two cyclist meet between Toronto and Scarborough?
    b) How much time passes before they meet (in minutes)?

    What kind of equation do I have to use for this quesiton?...

    Can someone please help me ....
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    PLEASE Can anyone help me?...
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    You use distance=velocity*time. How far does the first cyclist travel in time t? How far for the second? When does the sum equal 20km?
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    Thank you
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