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Distillation column feed preheating

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    Refer to the attached drawing for more details .

    In this distillation column acetone is to be separated from a mixed feed coming at ambient temperature. It is a packed column with mellapack packings. Steam is used in the reboiler (thermo syphon) for heating. Details of these streams are
    Feed: 600 kg/hr (72% acetone, 17.5% water & 10.5% aniline)
    Steam: 600 kg/hr, 3 bar-g
    Boiling point of acetone is 56 degC. I want to use the steam condensate coming from the reboiler for preheating the feed upto acetone boiling point(without vaporization).From the calculations it comes out ~203kg/hr of condensate is required and a plate heat exchanger can be used for this.
    But since I have 500 kg/hr condensate available, it can be used to vaporize the feed to some extent.
    1. How do we enter the partially vaporized feed into the column i.e. will any changes be required in the existing piping and pumping system.
    2. Location of PHE: should it be kept below reboiler level to avoid flooding of reboiler or 3 barg pressure is sufficient to have continuous flow.
    3. Location of feed tray: since the feed is near saturation or vaporized w.r.t acetone, I thing feed tray location can be lowered further(refer pic. y>x) and it might increase the product purity as well.

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