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Distinctions Between Logical Invalidity and Falsity

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    Validity and truth do not have to go hand-in-hand and here's why...

    http://physicspost.com/articles.php?articleId=177 [Broken]
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    Though I notice that the author starts out by saying
    but immediately switches to
    confusing the "argument" with the "conclusion".
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    yes, I have to say I agree with Hall's of Ivy, the article has told us nothing that wasn't known and fails to seperate the argument from the conclusion (which is a common reson for the fallacy that because an argument is invalid the conclusion is false)
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    Yeah then he goes on saying,

    "In conclusion, arguments can be true and invalid simultaneously. At the same time, they can be false and valid as well. Validity and truth concerning arguments are not dependent on one another so care should be made as to determining the truth of an argument based on the validity."

    He jumped all over the place.
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