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Distortion of Zr2Cu crystal structures?

  1. Nov 10, 2009 #1

    I need your help!
    Using XRD, I detected single crystals (single peak) on the surface of a bulk specimen. My guess is that the structure is most probably Zr2Cu, but a distorted one.

    I know that Zr2Cu structure is MoSi2 type, spacing group of I4/mmm, tetragonal.

    I want to ask
    1) Is it possible that the distorted Zr2Cu crystal structure will hv entirely new shape (eg monoclinic or orthorombic)? or it cannot happened, but only changes in term of length and wide of the structure?
    2) if (1) is possible, then how i can determine the changes in α,β, a, b, c?

    Thank you.
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