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Distribution of Fission Energy

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    Hi all, according to following data pertain to energy release from fission:

    Instantaneous Energy from Fission
    Kinetic Energy of Fission Products 167 Mev
    Energy of Fission Neutrons 5 MeV
    Instantaneous Gamma-ray Energy 5 MeV
    Capture Gamma-ray Energy 10 MeV
    Total Instantaneous Energy 187 MeV
    Delayed Energy from Fission
    Beta Particles From Fission Products 7 Mev
    Gamma-rays from Fission Products 6 MeV
    Neutrinos 10 MeV
    Total Delayed Energy 23 MeV

    i can't understand why Capture Gamma-ray Energy is contained in fission energy.
    I know that radiative capture is another nuclear reaction and captures to fissions ratio is

    Thank a lot
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    One accounts for recoverable thermal energy, since that is what must be removed from the core during a steady-state process such that fuel temperature is more or less constant. The energy in neutrinos is not recoverable.

    Capture γs are mostly deposited in the fuel. In an LWR, most of the thermal energy is deposited in the ceramic fuel. That thermal energy must pass through the cladding and into the coolant. The coolant carries the thermal energy to a heat exchanger (steam generator) in a PWR, or directly to a steam turbine in a BWR.
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